Welcome to Meridian Urgent Care & Occupational Health

Welcome to our Meridian Urgent Care website! We’re glad to have you view and learn about our special medical services from our four Urgent Care locations, soon to be five.

We offer urgent care services in communities lacking medical centers. Knowing that there is a place you can count on to be open and ready to serve your needs is important to the people of any community. Meridian Urgent Care is there for you and is the only place you need to go. This is especially true when you can’t see your primary physician at the exact time you need to for any reason. The Meridian Urgent Care Staff is very friendly, caring and compassionate. Our priority is patient health and great “customer service.”

At Meridian Urgent Care you’ll find highly trained, quick and efficient staff. You’ll also find knowledgeable up to date doctors interested in your health and wellness. The best news of all is that when you chose Meridian Urgent Care instead of an emergency room you gain multiple benefits including reduced wait times, reduced cost, quality care, personal attention and improved wellness.

If you need quality medical care, you can count on us to attend to your needs quickly and with a professional focus on solutions.

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